Right Order to Follow For WordPress Developers While Moving A Website

As WordPress developers we have to always face a simple process frequently and that is moving a WordPress websites. Albeit this not new thing for most of us who are well experienced, but its certainly for those who are entering in this field right now. Therefore, moving a WordPress website is a daunting task for a novice WordPress programmer since there are plenty of chances to commit some minor mistakes and have to suffer.

There are myriad of cases that we have to move WordPress websites and some noteworthy common cases first of all include the shifting from local server to hosting serve at the end of our WordPress website development. Here is we usually keep our website in the local sub-directory on the hosting server as most of the hosting providers offer this facilities. Once WordPress development is finish and we need to test our WordPress website on the web we have to shift our website from sub-directory to root directory of the hosting.

In another scenario we have to move the website from local installation or from our computer to remote installation means on our hosting. Finally we have to doing moving of website from one hosting to another hosting that is better in quality and price than old one. That is okay for a experienced WordPress developer to do this task, but for a novice developer, she should keep following instruction under consideration always in such moving.


In any case of moving you should have the backup of your website before you start shifting because there are chances that you commit some mistakes and you may lost files or data from your original website directory. Now, when you take backup you need to take backup of theme files, you uploads, your plug-ins, extensions or components as they may be useful in any emergency and finally your database.

Database Backup

Generally database backup in not simple copy and paste thing, but you have to use some tools to do that. These tools are phpMyAdmin which is widely used in all hosting, Sequel Pro in case of OS X, terminal commands, A MySQL desktop client and a backup plug-in like WP-DB-Backup, which will email your database as backup. We generally need to do some changes while we are moving website so a as good WordPress developer you have copy your database and add a suffix-old on its copy then you have to start editing the original database.

Sub-directory To Root
As stated above WordPress programmers have to perform this act frequently so if they are using a parent and child theme structure this process becomes extremely simple as you don’t have to move anything as this method will work on a standard installation of WordPress and applicable for most of the frameworks. Of course, you can go straight forward in some cases like multi-site installations or the sites using Genesis as a framework. The best aspect of this method is that it finished within moments and its speed is depending on the setup, means your choice during installation.

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Website Promotion Needs The Right Business Directory

Website Promotion Needs The Right Business Directory

World record attempt at the Havaianas Australia Day Thong Challenge
Website Directory
Image by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer
Australia Day 2012 At Bondi Beach, Sydney – Havaianas Thong Challenge

About 120,000 Australians enjoyed much of their Australia Day at Bondi Beach today, with over 1000 purchasing giant Havaianas thongs.

The overcast conditions prevented the participants from breaking last years world record of 2068 giant inflatable Havaianas in a line but there was no shortage of enthusiasm.

North Bondi foundation nipper Paul Mangioni and current nipper Duke Wieland didn’t let the wet weather and muggy conditions stop them from having a go.

Bondi Beach, Bronte, and Tamarama beaches and parks were all alcohol-free zones, in a preventive measure to stop any trouble before it started – thong bearer or not.

This years Havaianas Thong Challenge was a little different – From the beach to the backyard was the pitch.

The thong challenge organisers are keen to see your photos from the beach with their thong and photos can be submitted via their Havaianas Australia Facebook.

2012 Beach activities included:

Havaianas Paddle Challenge (Paddling Race)
Havaianas Dash For Thongs (Beach Flags)
Giant Havaianas Relay (Running Race)

Most folks were happy just to enjoy a swim and have a bit of a sun bake, with the organisers there garner publicity.

Having a go is the Aussie way, so well done to everyone for spending some time at beautiful Bondi Beach today.


Havaianas Thong Challenge: Australia Day 2012

Waverley Council

Eva Rinaldi Photography Flickr

Eva Rinaldi Photography

Music News Australia

Bondi Beach Directory

So you’ve gone and built a website but now it’s been sitting on the Internet for weeks or even months and you don’t notice any more traffic coming to your website and your sales have not been affected so far. You begin to wonder whether you need something more in the way of website promotion. You’re starting to see that just having a website on the Internet isn’t generally enough to get you the kind of traffic to your website that you need.

There’s More To Website Promotion

You’re starting to see that there’s more to website promotion than first meets the eye and one of the first things that you need to look into is getting a business directory on your side. And these things have often been compared to the old yellow pages in the electronic sense and when you sign on with a good business directory you’ll make it easier for people searching for your good or service to find you on the web.

Understandably there are a lot of these business directories around so will need to find a few criteria that can help you narrow down your search to find one that suits you best. Here’s a quick list of some of the things that you can look for in one of these Internet directory and portals.

* Find a company that offers other features beyond just the website directory itself. As an example there are some companies on the Internet that offer keyword analysis and other features that can help you in your website promotion endeavors. When you see you’re dealing with a company that’s got more on the ball than just one feature, you can rest assured that you’re getting one of the better sites for website promotion.

* Find a company with many different categories. And when you start looking at the categories in the business directory you happen to be considering, pay special attention to the ones that have been filling up.

Shopping for the best business directory on the Internet is like shopping for anything else that you might want to buy in that you need to have some background information so that you can make the right choice. Looking for the right website promotion is no different.

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DirectoryPress Review -- Build a Directory Website Easily with This WordPress Theme

My full review and discount code: http://hannomal.com/directorypress-review-build-a-directory-website-easily-with-this-wordpress-theme/

DirectoryPress — The Directions for Creating a Directory Website Having the know-how for building a directory website is a valuable skill to have, because there’s money in that skill. However, if you don’t have that skill, don’t worry, because you don’t really need it. Why? Because there’s a premium WordPress theme you can apply that can help you set up a directory website having little or no skill at all of the field. You just have to know WordPress to a degree, and how the themes work. Download the directory script, activate it, design your site, add or import listings, define revenue streams and attract visitors. I’ll tell you all about this PremiumPress product.

Get Your Website Off to the Right Start With Website Directories

Get Your Website Off to the Right Start With Website Directories

Katoomba Leura Tourist Directory
Website Directory
Image by Blue Mountains Local Studies
Notes: Katoomba Leura Tourist Directory, Issued by the Publicity Department, Blue Mountains City Council. Copied and drawn by V. E. Coleman, 1948.
Format: Map
Licensing: Attribution, non-commercial, share alike, creative commons. If you use this image in any way, including blogs, Facebook and websites, you should attribute it to Blue Mountains City Library and provide a link back to this page. Resale or any other commercial use is prohibited without a written agreement. These same restrictions apply to secondary users.
Repository: Blue Mountains City Library www.bmcc.nsw.gov.au/yourcommunity/library
Part of: Local Studies Collection – maps
Provenance: BMCC

Your website is complete and looks great now you want everyone to know about it. What is the next step? How do you reach as many people as you can to make sure everyone will find your website? Hire a plane and have it streaming a banner with your website on it? Well that is of course an option however there are some other alternatives that may prove less expensive and more rewarding as far as business results are concerned. How then do you get your website noticed and as quickly as possible? One of the first steps is to use website directories to get your website out to as many people as possible. A website directory works effectively to allow search engines to locate your site and gives you a chance to get ahead of your competition.

So what is so great about submitting your website to a directory, the benefit is that you will get a link back to your website from the directory and you can get it for free. A link back to your website is important because the more links you have back to your site will increase the rating of your site and it will be indexed by what are called search engine spiders. What the spiders do is they follow links from site to site and when your site is one of those sites then they index your site. Sites that are indexed show up higher in search engine results when people are searching for your products or services on a directory. Therefore you are getting to reach more of your potential customers by showing up higher in the index than other sites that have less links.

So now how do the directories work? Well, a directory is a list of websites that are placed into categories and subcategories relevant to the business or service they provide. The subcategories allow for much easier search of the information that your potential customers will be looking for. When you list in subcategories this makes it much easier for the search engine spiders to locate them. Search engine spiders visit directories much more than they visit a lot of other sites and the reason for this is that the directories link back to the websites listed in their categories and subcategories. Therefore listing with a website directory gives you much higher quality of back links and more potential for your customers to find you.

How then do you choose the right website directory? It isn’t that difficult a concept, choosing the right directory, there are some considerations to make and these are firstly, do you pay the directory or do you use free directories? You are the only one that can decide that fact. Free directories will still give you the back links that you are aiming for. A good way to determine whether you will be noticed on a free directory is to check the page ranking of the directory itself to see if the website directory has a good ranking. Other options are to check the sites and see how they are growing, if you see a site is growing then it is a very good sign that it is a popular directory already, or is getting up there in the in terms of popularity. A site like this is a very good place to be included.

You will also find that there are specific directories, relative entirely to your business, or general directories which cover a variety of information. Both forms are effective in your purpose, so you should post on general and specific directories to increase your website exposure in general. Don’t feel you should be limited to one website directory, there are many and you can use as many as you wish. Your aim remember is to get your website noticed and get those quality back links to your website in turn making your website a higher ranking itself. There are no rules that limit the number of directories that you list with, only the directories themselves may have rules that do not allow you to list.

Another option is submissions. Submission options are a manual process and they use submission software through a directory submission service. Directory submission services may manually make submissions or they may also use software for the process. For Directory Submission Services this is more difficult because there are directories that will not allow submissions from software. The purpose being that they ensure that real human beings are making postings on their directory. The directories have real human beings approving their submissions and if they are receiving multitudes of submissions daily or weekly and are aware of how software submissions occur then almost always these submissions would be rejected. You can use software programs of course but just beware that this will not always work and therefore manual submissions are always a good idea as well. If you lack the time and dedication to improving your website then it would be a good idea for you to look into the services of a directory submission service, then they can do all of this work for you, allowing you the time you need to concentrate on providing the service or product you say you will in your new website.

The next step, get the maximum benefit. How do we go about that? Well just posting your website onto a directory is not enough you have to have more information than the details above to be successful in what you are doing. Firstly make sure that your website text information is high standard so that you will have people clicking on the link and coming to your site, it is not enough to just make submissions you need to have an interesting and people catching text used in your submission. An important point is that you must vary your descriptions; you should not be using the same description for every directory that you place submissions. People who are searching for specific products or information will browse the directory lists and not just click on the first available option if they can easily find something that provides more specific information to their requirements.

Now, make sure your information is good, make sure that you make as many submissions as you can to different website directories for maximum exposure. Make sure the directories allow the easy back link to your website and that they are easy to manage. There is no point submitting to a directory that is hard to follow. Check that the directories you are choosing will let you put in links to your inner web pages as well as this gives more chance for the people to find you with better indexing options.

So there are some tips pointers and hints for getting your website off and racing. The website marketing for all businesses is a tough place to get into and without the right tools many businesses do not get what they wanted to achieve from the websites. These pointers should help you get started and if you follow these tips you may find you far exceed your expectations for your new website. Good Luck to you!

Michiel Van Kets is enjoying life on the tropical island of Phuket island and living the dream by making money online. He created his own website in 2002 and started Luminous Co. ltd 2005, a company offering an affordable SEO quote on SEO service and directory submission services.

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