The benefit of a good quality website link directory for increasing your web-site’s ranking

The benefit of a good quality website link directory for increasing your web-site’s ranking

The “Fred Way” @ the John E. Amos Coal Power Plant
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Image by Wigwam Jones
The tug boat "Fred Way" is pushing a barge full of coal past the power plant.

John E. Amos Power Plant (Wikipedia)

From the Madison Coal and Supply website:

"The older pre-1970 boats were built with heavier framing and have greater longevity," explains Nelson Jones of Madison Coal & Supply located on the Kanawha River at Charleston West Virginia. That is part of the reason that his firm made the decision to repower their 1945-built push boat the 145 by 27-foot Fred Way. The boat has its original Kort 19A nozzles but has gone through three sets of engines in its 59 years. Her original engines were a pair of direct reversing Cooper Bessemer JS8 that turned at only 310 RPM. In 1977 they were replaced with geared 12V149 Detroits which were replaced in turn in 1997 with a pair of 16V 149 on a new Twin Disc 5301 5:1 gears.

Now, in a major upgrade, the boat is getting a pair of Cummins KTA38 M1 main engines each delivering 1000 HP at 1800 RPM. The Twin Disc 5301 gears will be retained, but the original mild-steel nozzles are worn out. These will be replaced with Corning Townsent designed CT27 nozzles with stainless steel interior faces. Modern and efficient 67×57 five-blade new generation props have been fabricated to a Corning Townsent design to replace the original four-blade props. "We provide crewed vessels for contract towing to barge owners," explains Jones, "The fuel and power efficiencies of the Cummins engines and the nozzles makes these boats attractive and competitive."

It would appear that the Fred Way was named for Captain Fred Way:

Captain Frederick Way, Jr.

Captain Frederick Way, Jr. began his career as a mud clerk, then became a mate, a master, and finally in 1923, received his pilot’s license. In 1925, Captain Way bought his first packet, and he put his experience hauling people and produce into his first book, The Log of the Betsy Ann (1933). In 1939, Way began the Steamboat Photo Company and gathered the largest collection of steamboat photos then known. Way joined with others to form the Sons and Daughters of Pioneer Rivermen, laying the foundation for the Ohio River Museum in Marietta.

Among Fred Way’s contributions to river history are The Allegheny as part of The Rivers of America series, the Inland River Record, the S & D Reflector and Way’s Packet Directory. Captain Fred Way made a lasting and important contribution to America’s river life by using his knowledge, energy and perseverance to publicize and preserve the heritage of America’s rivers.

It is indeed ironic that a pioneer in photographing river boats now has a namesake working boat photographed for Flickr.

Having your weblog seen by the Google crawler and noticed by possible customers are two of the most important facets of any web based business. If your weblog is unheeded by search engines like Yandex, buyers won’t locate it and that could spell the downfall of internet site. You will find a couple of strategies that just about every website owner must use to get proper internet sustainability, and one among them is usually to submit the weblog to a online directory. A online directory lists sites by categories and subcategories in place of keywords. A decent website directory is crawled continually and ranked high by search engines and visited often by genuine humans who are in search of specific kinds of content.

An entry in a category or subcategory of a online directory gives a back link or link juice to your webpage. A ideal back-link is counted towards your efforts to get a greater Google PR, optimizing your homepage for Google and acquiring more targeted visitors.

The page rank represents how significant or renowned your web page is, which in turn is very important whenever Google positions your web page within search engine results pages (SERPs). Think of every back-link as a vote cast for your web site. If the back link comes from a high quality resource, the vote is regarded far more precious and that is taken into account when Google Defines your weblog’s page rank. In addition to the quality of the backlink source, Google also looks at the quality of the web link itself. If the website link is highly related to your weblog, it will be considered to be much more valuable than one that is made just for the sake of generating a high number of back links. This really is why a link under a related category and subcategory within a website directory is a smart back-link and superior for proper SEO.

Numerous internet users shall go to their favored website directories in look of thing. They will drill straight down to the most relevant subcategory and only head to the websites that happen to be listed there. This manner you will get visitors directly from directory visitors as long as you post your homepage in the appropriate subcategories.

Given that there are plenty of website directories to select from, you must have a look at several components just before deciding on which ones to post to. An automatic directory will typically link to a substantial amount of low quality web-sites and for that reason will get penalized by search engines. In turn, your backlink from there will reduce your ranking. A human-edited directory is maintained by editors who approve each and every submission to be sure that there isn’t any spamming and each and every submission follows specific policies. These kinds of website directories are preferred by search engines and will therefore give a greater rating to your website link. As the editors need to approve which subcategories you submit your website to, this means the backlink will be rather applicable to your website, which in turn may also benefit your Search Engine Optimization and PR.

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How To Build Your Search Engine Ranking Using Website Directories

How To Build Your Search Engine Ranking Using Website Directories

Web 2.0 Digitage 2012
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Image by ocean.flynn
Logos from Web 2.0 are caught in the web somewhere a starry night, clouds, science fiction landscapes of our inner space, the synapses of the brain, the virtual space that is not abstract, imagined or really real.

Web 2.0, is a term coined by Tim O’Reilly in 2004 for a series of conferences on a revivified Internet. O’Reilly (2005) in what is now considered to be his seminal article claimed that, “If Netscape was the standard bearer for Web 1.0, Google is most certainly the standard bearer for Web 2.0 (O’Reilly 2005). He contrasted Web 1.0 with Web 2.0 by citing examples: DoubleClick vs Google AdSense, Ofoto vs Flickr, Britannica Online vs Wikipedia, personal websites vs blogging, domain name speculation vs search engine optimization, page views vs cost per click, publishing vs participation, content management systems vs wikis directories (taxonomy) vs tagging (”folksonomy”) and stickiness vs syndication. The conceptual map his team devised provides a sketch of Web 2.0 showing social networking sites, wikis, communication tools, and folksonomies.

Although some argue that it does not exist as anything more than geek jargon, for this new user, it is a promising and surprising paradigm shift in the Internet and in software development. I began blogging using Web 2.0 freeware in September 2006. Numerous users like myself have access to sophisticated, ever-improving software technologies since the cost of development is shared among enthusiastic nerds and geeks (in a good way). Freeware on Web 2.0 is not proprietary by nature but is capable of generating huge profits because of the viral way in which users share in the development, marketing and growth of the product while improving connectivity and in content in the process.

NB Original Digitage Web 2.0 December 5, 2006

Selected webliography

Tim O’Reilly, 2005. "What Is Web 2.0: Design Patterns and Business Models for the Next Generation of Software". Uploaded 09/30/2005. Accessed January 6, 2007.

A sketch of brain neurons, digital layers: synaptic gap, starry night, Web 2.0 icons, clouds, using Adobe PhotoShop layering capacities

If your goal in building your online business is to generate lots of organic search engine traffic, then it goes without saying that getting your website to rank well in the search engines is crucial. In order to get your website to rank well — whether it be an affiliate review style site, an information site, or simply a conventional blog — you must create a strong network of authoritative backlinks which serve as the foundation of your website’s credibility with the search engines. This is one of the key basics of offline search engine optimization (SEO).

A common question is whether or not it is necessary to submit your website to online directories to establish that foundation. The short answer is yes; particularly when you first launch your website or blog, submitting your website to online directories is an important and effective way to begin building backlinks. What follows is a brief overview of the process.

Directory submissions should be done methodically over a period of time — this is generally more effective than a single mass submission because it is more natural, which matters in the eyes of the search engines. In addition, assuming you are not going to pay for your directory listing, it can often take 90 days or more before your back links begin to appear. So it is important to get started building your backlinks early and often.

With most directories, you will only be able to submit your home page and you can only submit your website once. Take the time to change up your keywords and title so that not all of your directory submissions are the same. Target 3 or 4 keyword phrases and use those in your website directory listing title (your website name), rotating the keyword phrases from directory to directory. When you do this, you enhance the likelihood of your site being categorized by the search engines for more than one keyword out of the gate.

The value of listing with a directory is twofold. Firstly you have more opportunity to get the search engines to notice you, especially when you have an authoritative link from a high page rank website. Secondly, it helps the search engines sort out what your website is about based on the category under which you are listed in the directory… which can matter if your website is new and doesn’t yet have very many pages or content posts.

There are literally thousands of online directories, so it is important to realize that not all directories are created equal. A website’s page rank is a reflection of its authoritativeness in the eyes of Google. A link back from a high page rank site, let’s say a PR 6 as an example, carries much more weight in terms of the implied authority of your website than a back-link from a low page rank site.

Focus your attention over the first month or so on submitting to higher page rank directories — page rank 4 and up. Ideally, you will submit to between 200 and 300 directories over your first month, so take the time to find those higher page rank directories and manually submit to them.

The idea of submitting to 200 or 300 directories over your first month may sound like a lot of work. In some ways it is, although it is more tedious than difficult. An hour a day, a couple of times a week will get you there.

Directory submissions are a key part of building your website relevance in the eyes of the search engines. To learn more about how to effectively use website directory submissions, or if you just don’t want to do the work yourself and would rather outsource the process very inexpensively, click this link now:

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