Increase Website Traffic With a Bang

Increase Website Traffic With a Bang

You’ve got that perfect website. Maybe you built it through hours of toil and effort. Or, maybe you paid a hefty sum to get a pro to build it for you. Whichever, your goal is to increase website traffic to your site. Whether you want to earn money from your site, or inform the public on an issue dear to your heart, you want that traffic. How do you get it? What are some tips to increase website traffic?

Tip one:

Get listed in the major search engines. How to do this? First and foremost, have competitive keywords. This means keywords that get lots of searches. There is a golden ratio of searches to websites that compete. Programs that educate you on keyword optimization are excellent to learn just which keywords work best. However, if you don’t want to put out that money right now, just be sure to choose one that has lots of requests, but ones with the least competing sites. Sometimes, keyword phrases are best for this.

Also, to stand a better chance of getting a listing, and better yet, a high listing, in search engines is to make sure you have good content. Fluff will not work. Don’t stuff your content with the keyword phrase, but do use it periodically throughout your content. Again, there are ebooks and programs that give estimates of the best keyword saturation, which just means the number of times the keyword appears in every hundred words. This varies from guru to guru, but you can do searches and find out what saturation is recommended to increase search engine traffic and as a consequence increase website traffic. You could then use the one recommended most, and do your own tests to see which works. There is a happy balance between too rich a keyword saturation and too weak. Either is not effective.

Tip two:

Another important point in the game to increase website traffic is linking to your site. The more links to and from your site, the better your search engine ranking. Also, the better the sites linking to you and that you link to, the better your ranking. There are techniques to help obtain good links, which can also be found in ebooks and website promotion programs. You can also search and find some free information as well. Some gurus think this is the one most important aspect to getting search engine traffic.

There are also many free and paid link exchange/promotion programs. Just be prepared with these to have to promote someone else’s link if they promote yours.

Tip three:

Web directories are another method to increase website traffic. In this method, you get listed into a website directory, or ring. When someone surfs to a website in the directory or ring, a link is shown to click to other websites that are in that ring. Of course, you need to be sure to be targeted well and join a well-targeted ring. You don’t have to have the exact same content, but just be sure they contents relate and are not offensive to the rest of the ring. You don’t want to be promoting hunting products in a webring that promotes animal rights. Yes, they relate, in that both deal with animal hunting, but they are on opposite sides of the table. You don’t really want the traffic that the animal rights ring produces.

Tip four:

Article directories are another method to increase website traffic. In this method, you submit articles to the directory and they use their traffic to promote your article. You have a resource box at the end of your article directing people to your site. These may be articles you have written or that you have paid others to write for you.

The key here is to have excellent titles, content and to write an excellent resource box. Make sure your resource box contains good keywords. Include a strong call to action as well. Again, there are ebooks and programs out there that teach you to write good call to action lines and good headlines/titles.

Tip Five:

Be prepared to spend a little money to increase website traffic. Ebooks and programs are mentioned throughout this article, but they are a wonderful, inexpensive source for information and education. True, some can be quite pricey, but other are in the less than $ 10 range. Of course, there is also free information on the internet. Still, the ebooks usually explain in more detail the points you find for free.

Another area where you should be prepared to spend a little money is in your content. If you can write good content consistently, then by all means do so. However, if you need more content than you feel confident providing, hire a good writer to write articles, ads, resource boxes, and other material for you. Some are very inexpensive, doing an article for $ 5-10. Others charge more. However, the pricier writer is not necessarily the best. Offer a small assignment of five or so articles as a test, check what you get from them, then decide whether you want to use that writer or not.

With just a small investment of money, and somewhat more in time, you can increase website traffic. After all, if you have an excellent website and no ones come to it, have you achieved your goal? Probably not. Do what you can yourself, spend whatever money you can budget, and watch that traffic grow.

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Increase Your Website Hits or Visibility With Professional Directory Submission Services

Increase Your Website Hits or Visibility With Professional Directory Submission Services

Warren Mall maps
Website Directory
Image by wachovia_138
A little comparison of Warren Mall through the years. Top map was acquired from the 1990 Directory of Major Malls; middle map from Storetrax; bottom map from Wayback Machine archive of Warren Mall’s website.

Directory submission is one more method by which you can have your own web links inward and push your rankings in search engines up. You can do the directory submission on your own or opting for the companies that provide the service to help you save your valuable time and do the job efficiently. Either way, the activity will affect the overall rankings in the search engine. There are thousands of directories available on the net and you may go about doing the job efficiently with all those that connect to your site’s subject.

You may do your own directory submissions using a specialized software program designed to carry out the process. Using this software, you can do directory web submissions to a number of free as well as paid directories. Free submission of web directories are mostly done through software that increases the submission rate. However, some of these automatic directory submission service providers prohibit auto submission when you do a free one. This is done to control spamming in the process. You may have to do manual directory submission, which is a time consuming process. But you have to admit the fact that you really do not have many other alternatives.

If you have the cash and not the time, you can outsource this work too. There are a number of web directory submission service providers that specialize in this kind of work. These companies offer internet solutions, directory submission services and search engine directory submissions. Many of these companies also help you to submit ad on ezine directories. Depending on your product or service, these companies can also play an active role in promoting them by adding your site to free ezines, to free garden, to free online shopping directory submissions or to such other free directories that are relevant to your product/service.

There are also general and educative sites that are available on the net. These sites provide your information on free directory submission site search engines web add url, where you can do the said free of cost. If you are interested in outsourcing, then they do provide a list of web-based companies that provide this service. There are also customer ratings and reviews available online. There are many sites that also provide you a list of software available for such purposes. Of course, choosing the right software for your needs could be a difficulty. You need to go through the website directory submission software reviews to adjudge which one suit you best.

While there are multiple ways and means to promote a website effectively online and soar up the business sales, directory submission has won the spurs as one of the most effective techniques to meet the need, the best part is that it is typically free to use! The only exception when directory submission services become chargeable is when they have to attract some target audiences to a website. Therefore, in such conditions, it is good to demarcate your website’s goals ahead of time with a general initiative of how much additional site recognition you should be receiving from your directory submission. Good luck for locating available sites online for directory submission!

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Increase Traffic and Page Rank With Directory Submission

Increase Traffic and Page Rank With Directory Submission

Glebe Island Bridge
Website Directory
Image by georgina hibberd
Old photos found in directory on very old website. Scanned from prints with a very ancient scanner a long time ago.

Directory Submission is the fastest and the easiest way of increasing traffic, page rank and link popularity. In this article we will be discussing about how to increase instant traffic and page rank as well as link polularity.

Everyone who is running a online business thinks about different ways to increase traffic to their website. Even Page Rank plays an important role in increasing traffic. You can increase your website traffic by article marketing, e-mail marketing etc., Definately these strategies do get traffic but these are time consuming and need to spend time, energy and money.

Hence, Now we need some quicker way, like taking part in social network, blogs and forums etc., where we leave linkback to our webiste with comments. Even this is one of the way to get instant traffic but again need to spend good time and also with consistency.

After comparing these ways of increasing traffic and page rank of our webiste site we can find one more important and quicker way of getting good traffic as well as increasing page rank of our website that is Directory Submission.

Directory Submission: We submit our website to other directories to get more visibility and increase instant traffic. While submitting to directories, we provide our webiste’s title and a brief description of what we offer or what the website is about.

Directory Submission not only gets traffic to our website but also increases page rank. If you website’s page rank is good, search engine sends more traffic to your site, more people link back to you and also page rank is the fame and value of your website. Directory submission increases lot of backlinks to our website. This is also one of the way to increse link popularity to your website.

There are three types of Directory Submission

1. Submitting to General Directories: In this case we just submit our website to general directories who might be dealing with different products. This kind of submission is not much recommended since for good page ranking your link back should be with the relevant webiste as yours.

2. Submitting to Niche Directories: In this case while submitting we select the website to where we want to submit and also we select the particular categories under which our website is best suited. This increases quality traffic to our webiste. For example: If our website is dealing with online music and our website is listed in the category of Real Estate then noboy will visit our website even though they see our link. On the other hand, If our webiste is listed under the category of Entertainment then there is high chance of visitors to visit our website since the visitor is surfing the Entertainment category and they see our Online Music link which comes under Entertainment. This kind of submission is recommended by most of us.

3. Submitting to High PR Directories: These days many people are not only concentrating in submittitng to directories but also high page rank directories. This is because the kind of traffic you get depends upon the page rank or popularity of the directories where you webiste is been submitted. If you submit your website to high page rank directories then you have highest chance of getting more quality links, more traffic and also good page rank to your website. While updating page rank search engine not only takes in to consideration the number of links but also the page rank of the link as well as relevance of the link. This kind of submission is highly recommended.

The conclusion of this article is directory submission increase traffic quickly and improves link popularity and page rank. Having said, while submitting you need to take care of relevancy and quality.

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