Free Directory and article submission – Easy and fruitful

Free Directory and article submission – Easy and fruitful

Havaianas 2012 Australia Day Thong Challenge
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Image by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer
Australia Day 2012 At Bondi Beach, Sydney – Havaianas Thong Challenge

About 120,000 Australians enjoyed much of their Australia Day at Bondi Beach today, with over 1000 purchasing giant Havaianas thongs.

The overcast conditions prevented the participants from breaking last years world record of 2068 giant inflatable Havaianas in a line but there was no shortage of enthusiasm.

North Bondi foundation nipper Paul Mangioni and current nipper Duke Wieland didn’t let the wet weather and muggy conditions stop them from having a go.

Bondi Beach, Bronte, and Tamarama beaches and parks were all alcohol-free zones, in a preventive measure to stop any trouble before it started – thong bearer or not.

This years Havaianas Thong Challenge was a little different – From the beach to the backyard was the pitch.

The thong challenge organisers are keen to see your photos from the beach with their thong and photos can be submitted via their Havaianas Australia Facebook.

2012 Beach activities included:

Havaianas Paddle Challenge (Paddling Race)
Havaianas Dash For Thongs (Beach Flags)
Giant Havaianas Relay (Running Race)

Most folks were happy just to enjoy a swim and have a bit of a sun bake, with the organisers there garner publicity.

Having a go is the Aussie way, so well done to everyone for spending some time at beautiful Bondi Beach today.


Havaianas Thong Challenge: Australia Day 2012

Waverley Council

Eva Rinaldi Photography Flickr

Eva Rinaldi Photography

Music News Australia

Bondi Beach Directory

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Free General Web Directory

Free General Web Directory

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Image by Elvert Barnes
North Entrance to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial at Judiciary Square in the 400 block of F Street, NW, Washington DC on Tuesday morning, 8 May 2012.

Directory Stand at North Entrance / East

Visit National Police Week website at

Visit Elvert Barnes 2012 National Police Week docu-project

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The Devil Looks Upon You
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Image by Andrew Stawarz
A little bit about the Devils Chimney can be found here.

Used in the Connexions Cotswold Way Accommodation website for the Devil’s Chimney.

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