Website Development Tips WA – Submitting To Local Web Directories

Website Development Tips WA – Submitting To Local Web Directories

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It surprises me that people don’t take advantage of local free directories when marketing their website. In Perth, where we are web designers we have a list of directories that we use all the time that are free.

The quickest way to find local website directories is to enter a few key phrases into google and look through about 10 pages of results. Look for website directory sites and put them into a list. If they show up in the results then Google thinks they are important. You could also type in key phrase and then the word directory after them e.g. plumber directory, That will likely display more sites. This list below is for people in Australia but using the logic above you will easily find the best local directories.

All of the following website are the names followed by DOTCOM DOTAU. Due to the rules associated with article directories, I can’t list the websites so that you can click on them. Anyway here they are:-

1 yellowpagesonline – They provide a free online listing although that doesn’t include a link back to your site but there are plenty of people using it for search purposes and we have been listed in a free local area guide which can also help with phone calls. They will of course ring you soon afterwards trying to upsell you to a paid listing, but you can politely refuse.

2 Hotfrog – This is a business directory in many countries and is used by many people to do searches but is also a favoured website in Google results and provides a link and gets you indexed fairly quickly as well.

3 Comeonaussie – This site is not as well known, but I have found that in many instances a listing appears within Google with the site listing within an hour. In a few low competition areas you can even be on the front page of google with just a comeonaussie listing. They also place you in 2 additional sites for free when you register.

4 Truelocal – This site is affiliated with yahoo local search and is referenced often in Google maps as a citation. You can even add reviews to make the listing stand out more as well.

5 Aussieweb – This takes a while to get listed but seems to show up in the results within a month or so.

6 Localbusinessguide – This is also often a good directory that seems to be growing larger as time goes by. It can be a bit patchy in the search results at times but it is free, so you can’t complain.

7 Dlook – This seems to work well in the eastern states of Australia but the people searching for web design business in perth with this directory is low.

8 Business – Only recently has this company come to my attention, but there is a big company behind it so I expect that it will continue to grow in stature.

There are always more directories to be found out there, but that should help your website along initially.

If you or your business needs help with online directories, talk to a Perth Web Designer 9350 9392 or visit the Perth Web Wizards website to get lots of information about Web Design and what it can do for you and your business.