Article and Directory Submission – the duo of extra benefits for online business

Article and Directory Submission – the duo of extra benefits for online business

Cincinnati Bell Building
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Image by elycefeliz
Photo published in Information Week with photo by Elyce Feliz

The Cincinnati Bell Telephone Company building on West Seventh Street in Cincinnati, Ohio was completed in 1931. The Art Deco-style building was designed by Harry Hake, a Cincinnati architect.
The 12-story builidng was designed with floor heights of at least 12 feet to house the new telephone equipment.

A decorative border above the second story is lined with niches in which cut-stone French telephones alternate with headphones. Communication is further symbolized by several reliefs showing the ancient runner, Alexander Bells’s first telephone effort, flag signaling from a ship, and conventional representations of a woman with a hare, swan, and hawk. In the ornate marble lobby are gold-and-silver metal reliefs of figures symbolizing man’s art, industry, and conquest of space.

The Cincinnati Bell Telephone Building was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1995.
The City and Suburban Telegraph Company, later Cincinnati Bell Telephone, was officially incorporated on July 5, 1873, becoming the first company in the city to provide direct communication between the city`s homes and businesses. Manufacturer and philanthropist Andrew Erkenbrecher became the company`s first president in 1874. Rates were fixed at 0 a year for one line.

By mid-1877, when the telephone was first demonstrated in Cincinnati, the Association was maintaining about 50 private telegraph lines between offices and plants or residences. Customers were equipped with a simple telegraph instrument and a code book, and young men who pedaled foot treadles served as operators and powered the call bells.

In September 1878, the City and Suburban Association signed a contract with the Bell Telephone Company of Boston (the nation`s first telephone service and manufacturing company) for a license to furnish Bell telephone service in the Queen City area. The Association then became the exclusive agent for Bell telephones within a 25-mile radius of Cincinnati.

Located at the corner of Fourth and Walnut streets downtown, Bell Telephonic Exchange was the first telephonic exchange in Ohio and the 10th in the nation. In 1879, the first telephone directory was published and the first line extended across the Suspension Bridge to Covington, Ky. Women, or "hello girls" who had to memorize all callers` names, took the place of men as operators, and 25 employees served more than 1,000 customers. A total of 145,392 calls had been recorded for the year.
Cincinnati Bell is one of only two American companies that continue to actively promote itself under the "Bell" name. As of August 2006, Cincinnati Bell has ceased all public usage of the last Bell logo, designed in 1969 by Saul Bass, simply opting to use a stylized, shadowed version of its corporate name on its website. The company had already removed the Bell logo from its telephone directories’ covers for some time.

The newsmagazine 60 Minutes reported in 1989 that Cincinnati Bell cooperated with local police to wiretap local residents in search of alleged communist or criminal activity from 1972 to 1984.…

It is really vital for any online business to grow in online territory through listing it in various business directories into particular category or categories. You online business can get traffic, visibility and potential clients with the use of submission of directories.

In the day of past, people look for various services and businesses in the phone book when there was no internet. But today the scenario is different and the phone book has been replaced by online business directories where various businesses perform listing of business and you can find them just entering their name, type of products etc. By doing so, you will be able to know the basic information of businesses such as contact numbers and many other important information.

It allows you perform web directory submission, where you can submit your company in specific category and sub-category. When you perform web directory submission, you should be aware of the fact about the relevant categories that better define your business otherwise submitting in wrong category will not do any good to your efforts and to your business as well. You have to be prepared before doing free directory submission and know the categories clearly such as Business, Arts and Entertainment, Science, Health, Regional, Computers, Home, Kids and Teens, Games, News and many more that you can find while submitting your business on the listing.
Likewise the benefits of web directory, article directory submission can prove to be really beneficial for your business. There are many advantages of article directory submission that boosts the performance of your website by providing quality backlinks ..It enhances the visibility and traffic of the website. If you post your articles in different specific categories, it does lots of good to your business. The links you leave while submitting your article in various article listing fetches you quality traffic. You can post your articles on various available websites where your can submit your articles in different categories. Some of the best websites where you can post your articles are known as:,,,,,,,,, and many to support you 24 hours. Whenever you are free you can post your articles there and see the difference in a week.
You regular involvement into article directory submission and free directory submission can bring you with unexpected positive results. So be with these activities on regular basis. offers online business to Article Directory Submission. Moreover, with the use of the website you can also perform Free Directory Submission.

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Free Directory and article submission – Easy and fruitful

Free Directory and article submission – Easy and fruitful

Havaianas 2012 Australia Day Thong Challenge
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Image by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer
Australia Day 2012 At Bondi Beach, Sydney – Havaianas Thong Challenge

About 120,000 Australians enjoyed much of their Australia Day at Bondi Beach today, with over 1000 purchasing giant Havaianas thongs.

The overcast conditions prevented the participants from breaking last years world record of 2068 giant inflatable Havaianas in a line but there was no shortage of enthusiasm.

North Bondi foundation nipper Paul Mangioni and current nipper Duke Wieland didn’t let the wet weather and muggy conditions stop them from having a go.

Bondi Beach, Bronte, and Tamarama beaches and parks were all alcohol-free zones, in a preventive measure to stop any trouble before it started – thong bearer or not.

This years Havaianas Thong Challenge was a little different – From the beach to the backyard was the pitch.

The thong challenge organisers are keen to see your photos from the beach with their thong and photos can be submitted via their Havaianas Australia Facebook.

2012 Beach activities included:

Havaianas Paddle Challenge (Paddling Race)
Havaianas Dash For Thongs (Beach Flags)
Giant Havaianas Relay (Running Race)

Most folks were happy just to enjoy a swim and have a bit of a sun bake, with the organisers there garner publicity.

Having a go is the Aussie way, so well done to everyone for spending some time at beautiful Bondi Beach today.


Havaianas Thong Challenge: Australia Day 2012

Waverley Council

Eva Rinaldi Photography Flickr

Eva Rinaldi Photography

Music News Australia

Bondi Beach Directory

When a businessperson establishes its business through the means of internet, its really important for the business to get proper and appropriate visibility on the internet as there are abundance of same business on the internet or you can say that there are so many businesses settled on the same theme.

So, what to do with the visibility, ranking and traffic of the website that is lacking in these aspects? There must be ways to cure these lacking points in the website. Yes and the best possible ways to enhance the performance of the website in terms of traffic, ranking and visibility is to use free directory submission and article directory submission tools.

Promoting a website or leading it to the topmost ranking can be easy if with other activities article directory submission is included. Posting quality articles on article directory websites is a good and smart decision. Quality and thematic articles written keeping in mind the type of business can be fruitful for any online business.
If you feel that you can produce quality articles at your own, you should start writing and doing article directory submission. And, if you can’t write articles, you can approach professional content writer who can write quality, thematic and keyword-rich articles so that you can post them on different directories. There are different articles directory available where you can post those articles after choosing right category and sub-categories such as Business: Arts and Entertainment, Accounting, Health: Addictions, Animal, Home: Cooking, Apartment Living, Computers: Artificial Life, Computer Science, Science: Anomalies and Alternative Science, Agriculture, Astronomy, Society: Crime, Activism, and many more.
Free directory submission is also very important where you can enlist your business in different categories and sub-headings such as Computers: artificial life, data communication, internet, multimedia, Home: Apartment Living, cooking, domestic services, home owners, Science: chemistry, biology, agriculture, methods & techniques, earth sciences, Sports: cricket, boxing, badminton, cycling, Shopping: clothing, crafts, flower, jewelry, music and many more to list your business in better manner.
While doing directory submission, you can be asked about the type of listing you want i.e. Free Link with Reciprocal, Regular Link and Featured Link. It is up to you which one you choose and which one you can afford as there are some paid listings also that you can adopt for your business. But initially you can go for free listings with genuine information, keyword-rich descriptions and right categories and sub-categories. is a platform for Free directory submission that also supports article directory submission free where you can submit your articles in different categories.

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