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What You Should Know About SEO Reseller Services

The basic premise about SEO reseller services is always about independent professionals and individuals who can be able to carry out the SEO services from the SEO company to the clients. The main goal of reseller services is to promote customized SEO services of the top SEO companies to prospective clients bound to be visiting their web pages. When it comes to everything about these SEO reseller services, it is the task of their microsoftproductssettlement professionals to act as intermediaries or mediators between the SEO services and the clients that have sought them. But the greatest objective of SEO resellers is not constricted to just selling search engine optimization services offered by a company dealing with SEO but also making sure that the clients are offered the basic SEO services and are totally satisfied by the SEO methods that were used to improve the online presence of a web service.

When customers hire these SEO reseller services , it is important to note that these particular services can be able to inform the customers on how the services are being carried out. Search Engine Optimization resellers may earn premiums or commission for referring possible customers to a specific SEO company. The SEO reseller services provide an overview and description as to how two producers of the services can work together for the benefit and interests of their clients.

These SEO reseller services can also serve as checkers if the projects of these SEO companies are being carried out since experts have pointed ou that no single SEO company can provide the perfect services that have no margins of errors. This is among the reasons why clients are continually seeking SEO reseller services when it comes to using the social media websites in improving the online presence of these businesses.

Many SEO reseller packages help in saving on the costs of the services because client are not required to shell out finances to stand for as joining fees.

The best things about these SEO reseller services are on their benefits for the clients and some of these benefits are offering customer assistance, the creation of organized projects, having facilities for web marketing, showing excellent conditions for income generation, having a nice set of staff, providing total privacy for customers, providing facilities for the online tools, and offering discounted prices.

The SEO reseller services have also been known to get customized based on the standards set by the organizations. If the clients want affordable web marketing tools, then these microsoftproductssettlement SEO reseller services are just one call away. These SEO reseller services have the tools to generate more profits according to the need to do so.


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Why You Should Consider White Label SEO Services

Setting a small business up demands gaining enough publicity or reputation to entice a stream of consumers. You cannot sustain the company, if you fail to attract an excellent flow of users. The net is becoming an incredibly powerful tool for giving corporations their needed press these days. Just about any form of a company nowadays has their online counterpart. To improve a website’s presence online, you need to use an array of SEO strategies specifically while label SEO. You can get several incentives from using white label SEO solutions. It’s crucial that you completely understand what white label SEO is all about to know how superior of an investment it is.

Search Engine Optimization, more generally referred to as SEO, refers to some techniques aiding a website ranking in the primary search engines. Websites show up on search engine results based on efficient and how related they are in employing information and keywords. Rating also utilizes predicting what keywords and kind of information consumers will look for regarding a particular product or service. Theoretically, the SEO process is easy. Nevertheless, you have to work with many details including preservation of quality techniques before you can achieve your ranking objectives. Regardless of design of techniques, SEO mainly attempts to bring traffic. You’ll be able to rank employing a range of SEO tactics, but there is a variation between listing them illegally and appropriately.

White label SEO companies make reference to procedures of the right kind. They include the “good-guy” method of ranking and advertising. Though several methods could get your website to ranking in no time; your reliability is fundamentally looked into by many Search engines A number of the services included under white label include content creation, structured link building strategies and article submission. Conversely, there’s black hat SEO. With spamming tactics these methods offer a lot. Black hat supply poorly made material in addition to marketing plans. Keep in mind that while quick position may bring good numbers for a while, still, in the long run to you can lose your grip on ranks.

Outsourcing is one of the best ways to use white label SEO services. Outsourcing SEO providers ensures that you can give attention to your business. You give your online advertising campaign to an expert, once you hire an SEO company. From seeking skilled and specialist companies you will get immediate results. A superb white label SEO strategy deals with three major things: website marketing, content creation and link building as mentioned. You must cover all aspects of online marketing to produce a steady movement of traffic.

Buying SEO is one of many best things you can do for your greatest. You should look for a service that is reliable to utilize.


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The Importance Of SEO And The Various Services Rendered By Different SEO Re-sellers

Businesses can reach different extents in ensuring that they can advertise their services and products using various mediums in order to increase their sales. Managing to get your targeted market can appear as a challenge depending on the different mediums that a company may employ to advertise their products and services. Search Engine Optimization may refer to the process of managing to create traffic mainly from various organic, free, natural or editorial search results on the various search engines.

Managing to get a SEO that is competitive from a good reseller will offer different businesses with cost-effective and effortless marketing, helps businesses to easily reach out to different clients in and out of your locality, it acts as an untapped strategy used by local businesses to market their different products and services, helps to build the reputation of a company, helps to increase the sales of a company and can easily help a business to build a good relationship with different potential clients. Most businesses will employ the services of SEO to stay in business since these are the most trending ways of growing and developing different businesses.

The franchise SEO, franchisor SEO and the franchise development SEO are common types of SEO employed by most companies. The Franchisor SEO acts like the owner of various brands and can aim to protect and build that brand’s name. The SEO resellers will be able to help you increase the sales while assisting you to attract different clients which will in turn lead to an increase in your business activities. During on page optimization, SEO re-sellers, may assist us to come up with different strategies that may help us to increase our recognition in our local areas. The SEO re-sellers conduct various research on data like Google maps,local contents and scheme mark-ups and are able to know how they can assist businesses.

During off page optimization, the re-sellers of different SEO can engage in different activities that include building numerous links for a particular brand and the location of a company using resources and citations that assist to get attention. When different people are looking to start their own businesses, the SEO resellers will target different audiences that are looking for different business opportunities and provide them with different options that will help them to expand their businesses and start to realize profits within a short duration of time.

SEO resellers provide different services to different people who are already in business or people who want to begin carrying out different activities that will see them making profits and expanding their businesses.


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Things to Look For In a Good SEO Reseller

Search Engine Optimization commonly referred to by its abbreviations as SEO reselling business is the involvement in offering the services at a quality and affordable rates to people. Unlike many digital marketing platform that target people with a certain budget to use in marketing their products, SEO services offers the resellers quite high margins. A person can get double keystonegate the amount it cost them at the initial stages.

A trustworthy person is the first thing you should look for in a reseller. This is a person or a company who has been in the business for quite sometime and whose review is great. Through the individual, your clients will be on a direct contact and it is necessary to find someone who is able to deliver great services to them.|

Find one who is good in keeping time and ready to deliver. Set deadlines to work by in the business. With that, as a consultant, you earn yourself good points with the clients since they are able to see that you are hardworking and effective in your work.

The last results of your work is the other thing. To accompany the results is the payments. The results given will determine how a client will pay. True and tasted products are what a great SEO reseller ought to give to their clients.

The work is not usually done the minute you are handed in your money as a reseller. Keep your conversation with your client even after the services are offered to know how the services you offered are doing to them. The relationship between you and the client is encouraged through this.

To encourage the business growth of a client’s business, a good reseller is ready to give them affordable marketing services which are good. As an added bonus to the services given, some resellers decide to set their clients to a social media link to help them in the digital market. Also, others offer the local maps in the web sections to make it easier for the location to be found.

There are several SEO re-seller programs available in the market today. Knowing everything about the service delivery of a said SEO reseller is important before you decide on taking up their services. Look for the one that is affordable according to your budget.

As an example of the white label local SEO, there are a variety of packages that suit different business types. There is a difference in terms of the cost for the big citations and the hyper local. It is necessary to move to a different program that suits you especially if the citations are different.


Using A Website Network As A Marketing Tool

Using A Website Network As A Marketing Tool

Holy Trinity Church, Barnstaple
Website Directory
Image by Robert Cutts (pandrcutts)
The most striking feature of this church is its tower. To quote from a Devon County Council website (about half way down the page):–
"Holy Trinity church, originally built in 1847 (Mackintosh, architect), has a very handsome tower in the Somerset style, but the rest of the church had to be rebuilt in 1868 because of bad foundations and is dull."

An article about Holy Trinity in the August 1845 issue of the Gentleman’s Magazine, which can be viewed here, confirms that the architect was David Mackintosh – and gives the proposed height of the tower as 156 ft. The description of the church given in the article suggests that, at least at the time it was built, it was far from "dull".

In Sussex Parish Churches John Allen writes these words of Mackintosh:–
"David Mackintosh (c1815*-1858/59) was a Scot, who signed himself in 1847 as ‘Architect of Exeter and London’ on the plan of St Margaret’s, Ifield submitted to the ICBS. In 1850 he was at 11 Verney Place, Exeter (White’s Directory of Devon). The 1851 census lists only Christina Mackintosh there (born in 1801/02 in Scotland), but a surveyor and builder of the same name in lodgings at Barnstaple (born in Edinburgh), was presumably the same man on his travels – he had designed Holy Trinity church there in 1846. He worked extensively in the county, mostly on the restoration or reconstruction of churches, one of them in the romanesque style, but also designed at least one large house. He died in Exeter at his home in Verney Place."

The Gentleman’s Magazine and Historical Review of July 1859 records on page 318 (14 lines from bottom right) the death at Verney Place, Exeter, in September (presumably 1858) of David Mackintosh, esq, architect, aged 42. This is reasonably consistent with his having been born in 1815 *.

Mackintosh was responsible for the restoration of the Church of St Michael and All Angels, Heavitree, Exeter at about the same time as his work on the Holy Trinity. The tower of St Michael’s is probably entirely his work as it looks pretty similar to that of Holy Trinity. The church is described in Exeter memories.

Another church in which Mackintosh’s influence can be seen lies 10 km or so west of Holy Trinity. St Margaret’s, Northam, was in a sorry state in 1853 when Mackintosh was hired as the architect in a project for its restoration. In his article on the church which may be viewed here, David Gale confirms the date of his death and adds that he died from "the effects of inflammation of the lungs." The photo of St Margaret’s which can be seen on the Northam website shows that it too has a tall tower, though it’s not as tall as that of Holy Trinity – and it was built several centuries before Mackintosh’s time.

At Stoke by Hartland, 20 km further west of Northam, yet another example of Mackintosh’s restoration work can be seen. His involvement with St Nectan’s Church in that village took place during 1848. Read more about the church here and take a look at Robert Frost’s comprehensive photographic record of the church.

I believe that the Grade I listed church of St Mary and St Martin in the parish of Chudleigh, Teignbridge also in Devon was yet another Mackintosh restoration. The evidence for my belief is here. As Alan Rosevear’s photo shows, the tower is not in the Mackintosh tradion at all. It must be part of the original structure.

Greinton House, in the village of Greinton near Ashcott in Somerset, is certainly a Mackintosh design. When built it was within the grounds of Greinton Church but it’s now a guesthouse and is on the other side of the main road through the village. There’s more about it here and there’s a photo of it here.

Mackintosh also had a hand in the restoration in the early 1850s of the building known as Affeton Castle in East Worlington, Crediton, Devon. In fact it isn’t really a castle, just a gatehoouse – though a very imposing one.

Perhaps the most important building designed by David Mackintosh is the Mariners’ Home in Greenock. It’s stated here that the architect was Robert Macintosh of Exeter. But there’s a reference here to a 19th-century lithograph which shows a view of Sir Gabriel Wood’s Mariners’ Asylum, Greenock with, printed on the base, ‘David Mackintosh Architect Exeter’.

And from where did Mackintosh get the inspiration for his towers? Maybe it was from the Cathedral of the Moors in Widecombe in the Moor, South Devon.

My thanks to John Allen of Sussex Parish Churches for allowing me to reproduce the passage about David Mackintosh (3rd paragraph).

Robert Cutts, January 2010.

* Evidence has come to light which suggests that David Mackintosh was born in c1802 rather than c1815. RDC, April 2012

We all know that when opening and running a business or potential money making website online requires much active marketing and advertising unlike opening a brick and mortar shop. When you open a physical store you can bet on getting potential customers free of marketing cost. Your store has a location either near or by a street or within a market setting such as a shopping mall. This means that no matter what someone will pass by or notice your shop from a distance. Is marketing therefore not required? Not quite, it is still highly suggested. A business owner wants to develop paths not only to direct curious prospects to their domain but also to develop a reputation and to inform the public with more details about their product or service before they even set foot in the store itself.

Now let’s enter the World Wide Web shall we? Cyberspace. That’s right, for marketer’s the key word here is space and the web has lots of it. The internet is virtually unlimited when it comes to space. Therefore here when you put up your shop via website, you can’t count on anything even human coming by without marketing involved. Sure there are highways, streets, and paths but they’re not even close to the new website’s front door. Unlike in physical reality, here we have to construct our own paths and roads. Most of us can’t even dream of building a highway leading to our websites so we pay for marketing products and services that secure little streets to these massively busy highways such as Yahoo and Google. We network outward with paths and dirt roads to other websites that reach out and spend countless hours working through ways of making contact without having to spend more than $ 10 or joining any terrifying paying subscription agreement. This is reality and in it we lose and usually we lose a lot if we are to get to where we need. It must be known that we will lose or success will not just be out of reach but left behind and forgotten, which is the ultimate downfall of a great idea.

There are well known approaches to scraping out small paths to the everlasting traffic of cyberspace. We light our candles and spotlights to attract others by writing articles such as this one or releasing cheap press statements. Webmasters join social networks and directories to form a trust and of course another path that is open to all, yet being too ambiguous to drive enough force for curiosity. Lame attempts are conducted daily to gain links that point back at our sweat and headache driven websites that have earned certain appeal. And for what? To connect with these major highways like Google by digging out frail streams that poke into their mighty river.

Yet let’s not shun and hide our eyes at these approaches of pulling traffic from elsewhere. After all isn’t human traffic a concept that cannot be bound? Don’t we all have the right to be heard? Damn right we do!

So how can we take the game plan to the next level? A network is required. A network not for the individual, we have enough of those out there. No we need a network for our foundations, a network of ideas and platforms, a network of websites. I?m not speaking here of a simple directory as that is a database where websites are not connected in any way and only really push the money earning power of the directory’s webmaster. No, it is a time to take an approach on a true website network. A networked directory where each website even though original to its core, helps its neighboring websites in a clear “one for all an all for one” strategy.

How could a true “one for all and all for one” type of website network interconnect in order to be effective within the marketing sphere? The answer lies within the subdomains. A website?s subdomains tend to share in the Alexa rating and Google page rank. All that is required for a true website network to work is a single domain name that hosts webpages that each individually dedicate themselves to a particular website. Various webmasters of the websites provide content or the webpage code itself and it is uploaded under the root domain. It is each webmaster?s responsibility to optimize what they provide to the website network as it is so on their own website.

A website network can be a remarkable tool that can build a powerful extra number of streets to a website. Joining the network is easy cost free and with more education on the matter provided as a bonus. Kidawa is such a network and as it reveals its plans, lessons will be provided for webmasters on how and why to optimize their networked webpages. This is a chance to learn and grow while saving the dime for other necessities. Treat your website. Share it, talk about it, and submit it. It is a world where it matters much on who you know and what you know. We can all use help at times, so why not help others as they help you. is the true one for all and all for one strategy to get more real traffic to your website. Submit your website for a free completely customizable webpage.

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Cash for Cars: Winning Tips for a Winning Deal

Generally speaking, the old car parts market is always thriving, so even a car that is no longer functioning will have parts that may still be used to make comparable models. Some auto salvage lots sell the parts from junk vehicles to other vehicle owners and repair shops at a cost that is cheaper than that of similar new parts. Such is why they are happy to pay for old or junk cars.

In other words, you will be able to sell your vehicles which are in no running condition, considering there are many secondhand dealers out there who will buy them. If that’s exactly what you intend to do, there are a few things you should know.

First off, you need to show your car’s title, which must be clean and have your name on it, to establish that you are indeed the owner. Remember, you will not be entertained by dealers if you are not the owner of the car, and of course, you first need to prove that you are. This is important for them to do, if only to keep them from buying stolen automobiles.
The Essentials of Cars – Breaking Down the Basics

Now, you should assess your car, listing down systems or parts that are damaged or not working. Also, don’t forget to list down the parts that were previously removed. Do not forget to inspect the tires of the vehicle and its interior. Before actually giving the cash, the buyer may ask a lot of questions about the condition of the automobile, when it was purchased, how many years you’ve had it, etc. In general, the cost can be anywhere from 30-50$.
3 Automobiles Tips from Someone With Experience

On the other hand, if you keep an old car in your garage and if it’s still in working condition, perhaps you can ask the dealer if they would like to check it out too. And just as with selling a junk automobile, you will also need to present the car title to prove that you are indeed its owner.

Prior to deciding on a dealer, you have to obtain quotes from different companies that are engaged in the business of cash for cars. This will be helpful as you try to come to a smart decision. There’s no use rushing a deal, no matter how badly you need the money. Besides, when you have at least two or different quotes instead of just one, you will be able to compare and thus determine which one is indeed the best.

Finally, ask your friends, relatives or coworkers for tips about any cash for cars dealers in your area. People who have your trust are unlikely to mislead you, meaning they could actually lead you where the best deals await you.

Lessons Learned About Skills

Occupational Therapy Assistant Certification: Important Information That You Have To Learn About Lots of professions out there, especially in the field of medical industry, requires everyone to have certification as well as licensing in order for them to be able to find a job that is within the career path they have chosen. This is due to the fact that employing people who are certified and licensed will give an assurance to the public that they are working with qualified individuals thus protecting their interests and also, this is the chance for employees to gain their way to become successful in their job. When it comes to the rehabilitation field, they are requiring all occupational and physical therapy practitioners and assistant practitioners as well to hold licenses in order for them to practice their field of expertise in almost all states in the US. And also, all OTAs or occupational therapy assistants should get an occupational therapy assistant certification as it is being required to them so that they can become licensed.
Getting Down To Basics with Guides
Here are some of the reasons why OTA certification is of utmost importance.
Valuable Lessons I’ve Learned About Options
Even if they do not hold doctoral degree or that they are not task to do prescription for patients medication or cannot finalize the treatment plan for them, occupational therapy assistant are still able to work closely with their occupational therapist and even closer with their patients. However, if we realistically view such field, there are some occupational therapy assistants who spend much of their time hands on with their patients compared to the hands on time spent by occupational therapist themselves. Due to this fact, it is significantly essential for therapist as well as their assistants to upheld the standard care in order for them to guarantee that their patients will be receiving the kind of care they need and also for the COTAs to understand how important their work really is and to know how to appropriately perform the task. If the applicant is certified or has certification, then it will become easier for employers to hire their service since they already achieved all schooling and clinical training that is required in the field hence, these employers will know that they are at least hiring someone who has had the kind of training experience they are looking for and is capable of performing the task given to them based on the standard. When it comes to becoming a certified assistant, it actually involves graduating from an educational program that is accredited by the AOTA or the American Occupational Therapy Association as well as the ACOTE or Accredited Council for Occupational Therapy Education and must also pass the national certification examination which is being guided by the NBCOT or the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy.

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How to Find an Expert Spine Surgeon

Our body is nothing without our spine. Its role is to send the signal from our brain to all parts of our body. We have to be careful with our spine because if our spine is damaged, it can lead to serious medical conditions like deformities, paralysis and so on and so forth. So it is very important for us to take care with our spine or back; if ever we feel something is wrong, we must look for the right treatment and for the right spine surgeon in Los Angeles to treat our back immediately.

Choosing the expert spine surgeon in Los Angeles is very important for us to have a safe spine surgery. However, there is a lot of spine surgeon in the city that is why you have to be careful because it is really hard to choose the best spine surgeon in Los Angeles.

Our body’s musculoskeletal system conditions are taken care by a spine surgeon or an orthopedic surgeon. A spine surgeon treats infections, diseases, musculoskeletal trauma, tumors and all the other diseases related to surgical processes.
The Ultimate Guide to Doctors

It is very important for us to make sure that we choose a spine surgeon that is board certified for us to have a safe surgery and for us to have someone to help us get rid of spine damages. It is very important for us to choose a board certified spine surgeon for they passed all their qualifying examinations and completed all their medicine studies that make them expert in the field. A spine surgery is too risky so we have to choose the professional spine surgeon in Los Angeles.
Lessons Learned from Years with Professionals

We should always make sure that we pick the spine surgeon that is very devoted to his work in treating spinal column and back. A dedicated spine surgeon is much updated with the latest and new technologies in surgery process and is very perfect in performing the task. You will be confident enough that your spine surgery is safe if you see that your spine surgeon is very expert in what he is doing.

Recommendations from family and friends are also very helpful in your search of the best spine surgeon. You can also ask suggestions and advice from your family and friends who tried having a spine surgeon.

A spine surgery is very risky and your life is also at risk during the operation so it is very important that you choose the best and expert spine surgeon for you to be safe. The result of your spine surgery depends on how well and how expert your spine surgeon performs. Your life is very precious to entrust it with the wrong one; choose the best spine surgeon and be safe.

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E-mail Marketing Software: A Guide

Several online retailers are quickly finding that vouchers are the hidden jewel of e-mail marketing. With ferocious competition for the consumer’s investing dollars, coupons allow both small and large retailers to utilize the energy of e-mail marketing software to boost purchases and revenue from their customer base.

If you wander around any shopping center you’ll see innumerable window signs offering “Big Sales”, “Reduced Prices”, “Inventory Clearance” and more. All this always proves that, when it comes to consumer mindset, people love any kind of savings and any chance at a great deal. But, why if the declarations of revenue or cost economies be restricted to the traditional stores, when the online market is bursting with just as many stores?

Several online retailers have asked that exact issue and reached the decision that it’s completely ridiculous to abandon seem marketing-strategy at the doorway when you transfer to the online world. If specific campaigns can generate foot-traffic, then they could definitely generate web visitors too. Several e-business retailers have began utilizing marketing with email applications to link the difference, to allow them to begin working online campaigns much like these of actually their largest competitors.
How to Achieve Maximum Success with Programs

Since email marketing software is very user friendly and amazingly cost-effective, it levels competition between small and large online retailers. Needless to say, huge online firms have a marketing budget that significantly exceeds that of small e-retailers. But it doesn’t suggest smaller retailers can’t run strategic promotions to rival those of their bigger brethren. With the appropriate email marketing software any small online retailer can execute a professionally designed email marketing effort with just a few clicks at a cost of less than a penny per target. There are no foolish restrictions or extortionate lead times demanded, as the businessperson is just limited by his or her strategic ability.
Finding Ways To Keep Up With Software

A fantastic advantage of using email marketing applications to distribute coupons and additional campaigns is that everything is fully measurable. In the end, if you can’t quantify the accomplishment of something, then how may you understand it was successful at all? Unlike conventional paper coupons which are costly to track, many good email marketing software programs will give you free real time reviews on how your effort is running. Imagine being able to notice, within seconds of delivering your e-mail, how lots of people have opened it or clicked on a link to receive your coupon? With this information at your fingertips, you can discover and improve upon potential email-marketing campaigns. Perhaps some coupons work better than others, or possibly delivering your promotional material at a particular period of the day creates better results (many e-mail marketing software alternatives will allow you to select the exact date and period to start your email).

With a growing number of companies using the above online marketing strategy, it really is increasingly important for all e-retailers to start building their client email databases to be at per with their competitors. The sooner you adapt email marketing software in your marketing mix, the earlier you will start enjoying its benefits.

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Selecting the Best Remote Control Airplane for Beginners

Many people like the idea of flying a remote control plane, but how to choose one especially if one is only a beginner can truly be a problem. There is no one single perfect aircraft, but when you are thinking of buying one for yourself, there are some considerations that you need to make before buying a remote control plane.

The plane’s stability in the air should be the first consideration to make. The plane should have slow speed so that you will be given time to react if anything happens unexpectedly. Choose a remote control plane that is sturdy and durable and easy to control so that in case of a crash, your plane will not get easily damaged so you can try to fly it again.

You have a choice of assembling the plane yourself or buying a ready assembled one for beginners. Many beginners are too eager to fly their planes immediately so they will have less patience with assemble it yourself types and so they prefer the RTF or ready to fly planes. Most beginners are impatient to use their remote control planes immediately and so the perfect option for them are the pre-assembled planes. Some models have attachments to be done first, but there are also those where everything is already set for use.
Toys: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make

The airplane design is another consideration to make. You can choose two types of airplanes that satisfy the criteria set above which are stability in the air and easy control. The first is the high wing plane design where the wings are attached to the top of the fuselage to give it more stability than the low wing aircraft. The electric powered glider is also stable in the air, and slow flying, which is beneficial to beginners who need to know about what they are doing while flying. With large glider planes you will not have a hard time spotting it from a distance but it may not be very convenient to be transporting them around.
3 Toys Tips from Someone With Experience

Beginners are known to crash their planes most of the time and that is why it is important to determine whether spare parts are available so that in the event that the aircraft will need it you can still make repairs. A plane with three controllable functions, or channels, will allow you to control the motor power, the elevators and the rudder. If you have a fourth channel then it can also control the ailerons. It is your choice whether you want to learn easily with three channels only or you want to have more fun with four channels.

If we sum up all the requirements for a beginner’s aircraft we come up with a pre-assembled plane which is stable in the air and easy to fly, it can be a high wing designed one or an electric powered glider whose spare parts are readily available and with three controllable functions that are easy to learn.